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No socks and silence: five of the most severe mistakes in sex

Most people make many typical mistakes in their sexual lives that they don’t even know about.

Lets talked about the five most common mistakes in sex and how they can be avoided.

Trying to make your sex look like a movie.

Experts explain that it is necessary to remember that real sex can be very simple with Viagra, but nevertheless magnificent thanks to the emotional connection of partners. Trends in online shopping are even more popular through the use of mobile devices. However, consumers today turn to the Internet not only to search for medical information but also to self-diagnose and receive various medical services or order Viagra pills. This is confirmed by the growing market in many countries of EDmeans.com online pharmacies, which have both a lot of obvious advantages and a number of disadvantages, more related to the issue of regulating their activities.

Tricks from films

The heroic exploits of the stars of the world of pornography can bring you to a hospital or even a cemetery, warn medics.

At the same time, they recommend using your imagination and listening to yourself – these are the best ways to expand their sexual horizons.

You don’t have to take your socks off.

A study of Dutch scientists from the University of Groningen showed that socks during sex seriously increase the chances of orgasm in women.

Waiting for an orgasm from a partner

Doctors give in this case good advice: if your partner is not sufficiently excited or unable to reach orgasm, do not torment him with interrogations. Better be patient and try to understand what you can change in your behavior to help him.

Silence during sex

Scientists believe that conversations can be the same “difference” between regular sex and making love.

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